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Your emotional health plays a major role in your overall physical health. As you deal with personal challenges – ones that are often full of responsibilities, tough choices and life adjustments – you may be looking for ways to positively overcome your anxieties.

Life Coaching from Confidia Health Institute provides calm, professional and personalized insights that impact how you cope with these challenges and lead you toward living a fulfilling life.

Symptoms & Conditions

Who Can Benefit from Health Coaching

Life coaching can benefit anyone and everyone, especially if you:

  • Feel lost
  • Need to improve your overall health
  • Have trouble following through with your goals
  • Need help with goal setting and prioritizing
  • Are going through a transitional period, such as a career shift or divorce
  • Hold limiting beliefs and self-doubts
  • Desire a supportive and genuine partner in your success
  • Experience recurring anxiety and stress

Discover How Life Coaching is a Key Component in Life Transformation

Inside The Science

The Coach/Client Relationship

Research studies have shown that committing your goals to an “accountability partner” increases your chance of success to 95%. The Life Coach-Client partnership is driven by adopting a philosophy for success, setting personal goals, and improving your relationships. The relationship you adopt with your life coach is based on the foundation of teamwork. Coaching is an essential support system that will assist you in setting future goals and creating a new life path.

The Curriculum

Confidia Health Institute’s exclusive Life Coaching program is designed to equip you with the necessary tools to build new social networks, improve current relationships, engage in healthy relationships, and become an active participant in your community. The overall foundation of our Life Coaching curriculum is rooted in the sense of love, belonging, and hope that comes from strong relationships.

The “blueprint” for our evidence-based curriculum is the well-known and renowned book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. This teaching tool is strategically woven into engaging and highly interactive Life Coaching Sessions with curriculum designer Dr. Cathleen Greene-Schrantz. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and the accompanying Personal Workbook are an initial springboard for fostering engaging, in-depth supplemental exercises and honest discussions between you and your coach.

Dr. Greene-Schrantz’s philosophy is simple yet powerful: true transformational self-growth begins with being provided the necessary tools in order to simultaneously rediscover bonds and relationships with wider society. Sessions with Dr. Greene-Schrantz take place twice per month for 30 minutes.

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Life Coaching Outcomes

Our Life Coaching sessions provide an effective form of strength-based support and help empower you to:

  • Solidify and integrate new coping skills and lifestyle behaviors
  • Explore your wants, needs, and choices
  • Get clarity to create and enact a Change Plan

You will attain the skills to coach yourself, improve your performance, and set and achieve goals to help you enhance your quality of life.

Meet Your Coach

CathleenHeadshot.jpgDr. Cathleen Greene-Schrantz | Certified Professional Life Coach

Dr. Cathleen Greene-Schrantz’s signature Life Coaching program was designed and developed as the direct result of her doctoral research study, as well as her twenty years’ experience as a former inner-city educator, Administrator and Adjunct Professor.

Working with students on both their scholastics and life challenges inspired Cathleen to earn two Master's degrees in Education from Trinity College and Saint Joseph's College, and ultimately, her Doctorate from the University of Hartford.

Through her doctoral research and subsequent teaching at both the World Scholar-Athlete Games and World Youth Peace Summit, she founded the organization A Light in the Distance. Combining educational support and psychological fortification, the organization was born to give inner-city children who lost their way in the dark maze of the juvenile justice system the strength to find the world an exciting challenge.

Dr. Greene-Schrantz draws upon her extensive knowledge and broad experience in the human education field — which includes a B.A. in Psychology, as well as certifications as a Professional Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor — to provide guidance for total life transformation.

In 2016, Dr. Cathleen Greene-Schrantz embarked on her new and exciting path as a Certified Professional Life Coach: the manifestation of her unwavering pursuit is to help others share their legacy of light and hope with the world. She is honored to bring her signature Life Coaching program to the Confidia Health Institute family.

Why Confidia is Different

  • Life Coaching from Confidia Health Institute allows for effective integration of recommendations given by Confidia health professionals into your life, while also addressing your personal challenges for a holistic approach to optimal health.
  • Carefully designed to be powerful, interactive and highly-engaging, Dr. Greene-Schrantz’s program synthesizes all of her collective personal/professional experiences and schooling into an effective, transformational tool.
  • Dr. Greene-Schrantz’s program is an empathetic guided journey of self-discovery, during which you will explore together, learn together and grow together.

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