Neurofeedback Therapy

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Did you know that you can actually optimize your brain health and performance? It’s possible, with Neurofeedback Therapy from Confidia™ Health Institute.

Our non-invasive “exercise program for your brain” teaches it to function in a more balanced and healthful way.

By improving your brain waves – scientifically, naturally and with no side effects – your ability to self-regulate, deal with daily anxieties, and smoothly shift between moods can dramatically increase. 

Symptoms & Conditions

Conditions That Neurofeedback Can Help

Scientific research has demonstrated that Neurofeedback helps your brain train itself on adapting to new patterns, which can improve neurological functions related to:

  • Anxiety
  • Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Autism
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia/Chronic Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Learning Disorders
  • Memory Loss
  • Migraine/Tension Headaches
  • Panic Attacks
  • Post Stroke
  • PTSD
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
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Inside The Science


See How Neurofeedback Therapy Works at Confidia

Brain Mapping

Confidia Health Institute begins by running a variety of tests – gathering data from both your genetic code and brain waves – to create a “brain map.” The brain map shows the areas that are functioning correctly and the areas that have the greatest opportunity for optimization. More specifically, the data identifies how your body processes neurotransmitters like dopamine and proteins like homocysteine – which has a profound effect on you deal with anxiety and depression.

Your Brain’s Frequency Bands

There are four divisions of electrical impulses made by your brain – Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta – called Frequency Bands. These Frequency Bands indicate which parts of your brain are more active than others. For instance, balancing your checkbook or following directions requires certain areas of your brain to actively use the Beta frequency. On the other hand, relaxation requires a different part of your brain to be activated and use the Alpha frequency. Neurofeedback Therapy exercises your brain so that it more efficiently activates the four divisions of your brain to appropriately respond to stressors and functions.

Turning Up the “Dimmer Switch”

Think of your brain as a light run by a dimmer switch. When you want more light immediately, the dimmer switch needs to react quickly – and tell the light to produce more illumination. But if you want more light quickly, and the dimmer switch doesn’t respond, it’s a problem. Neurofeedback Therapy takes advantage of your brain’s natural learning ability to form new connections and create better neural pathways. To continue the analogy, Neurofeedback optimizes the dimmer switch, giving you the ability to quickly turn it up or down, and to efficiently tell your brain to respond with “more or less light.” By conditioning your brain through Neurofeedback, Confidia Health Institute is able to create lasting, positive changes in your mental and whole-body health.

What Happens During Neurofeedback Therapy?

At the beginning of a neurofeedback session, sensors are placed on your head and ears to record the brainwave activity. After that, you sit back and relax while watching one of your favorite shows. Really, that's it. While you're watching your program, Neurofeedback works to subconsciously send signals to your brain. This is non-invasive and painless. You will go through 8 therapy sessions in-between Brain Maps-this process is continued until you and your clinician believe optimal results have been achieved.

Is Neurofeedback All I Need to Improve Mental Health?

Your Path to True Health is one that includes multiple factors. While Neurofeedback Therapy can produce significant improvements in your health, other aspects such as your diet are highly influential as well. For instance, lectins – a type of protein found in all forms of food, and that can have harmful effects – cross your blood/brain barrier and have a profound effect on how you perceive life. In order to achieve optimal brain health, all facets of your health need to be analyzed, and a personal care plan needs to be created. 


How Neurofeedback Helped This Confidian Overcome Her Anxieties


Neurofeedback Therapy Outcomes

Care Options

Recent changes in billing guidelines set forth by all insurance companies have forced our Neurofeedback Therapy services into a cash-based model.

To make sure that you can still enjoy our non-invasive approaches to brain optimization, Confidia Health Institute is offering diagnostic testing and treatment sessions at a significant discount.

You can choose the care option that best suites you:


Why Confidia is Different

  • Confidia focuses on brain optimization through natural neuroplasticity and dietary supplements, not medications.
  • Neurofeedback analysis – including genetics testing and brain mapping – is evidence-based and uses the scientific data of your body to create a holistic plan that treats multiple factors of your brain and body health.
  • Neurofeedback Testing and Neurofeedback Therapy is performed at Confidia Health Institute.

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