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Sick of feeling tired all the time?

While many factors could be contributing to the feeling, customized Intravenous Therapy from Confidia™ Health Institute can deliver a variety of nutrients directly to your body – and provide a powerful boost of energy that gets you feeling great.

For added convenience, IV Therapy is delivered in our state-of-the-art IV Therapy Lounge.

Symptoms & Conditions

What IV Therapy Impacts Most

The most common symptom seen in our primary care setting is fatigue. Some Confidians report lethargy or sluggishness in certain situations, while many mention feeling fatigued consistently throughout the day. Our customized approach to IV Therapy, and the monitoring of your therapy after the treatments, ensures an increase in your energy levels. 

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If you’re wondering what goes into our customized IV Therapy, schedule a True Health Evaluation™ today.

Inside The Science

The “Direct Effect” of IV Therapy

Nutrients that are delivered through intravenous methods are far superior to oral vitamins. IV nutrients go directly to your cells, whereas oral vitamins get absorbed through your stomach, pass through your liver, and hopefully get distributed to your cells – a process that significantly weakens the positive effects. 

Post-Infusion Confidia Exclusive

Every infusion at Confidia includes Glutathione — the body’s most powerful internal antioxidant — for FREE. No hidden fees, no add-on charges.

Glutathione is administered after all of our protocols to strengthen the immune system, help stabilize and regulate vitamin and nutrient intake, detoxify, and reduce both intracellular inflammation and oxidative stress.

IV Therapy Blends

Customizable blends suited to your unique needs.


$145 includes:

Any IV Therapy Blend Treatment

FREE Glutathione Add-On ($30* value)

*Based on competitor pricing.

Specialty Treatments

Infusions that concentrate on specific health conditions.


$245 includes:

Any Specialty IV Treatment

FREE Glutathione Add-On ($30* value)

*Based on competitor pricing.

Exclusive BR+NAD™ Treatment

Every cell in your body has Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD). Essentially, NAD is bio-fuel for every organ – and if your NAD levels get too low, there can be serious ramifications on your ability to function. BR+NAD™ can restore brain and full-body functions by boosting your cells with an influx of “vitamin fuel.”

What is BR+NAD™?

BR+ stands for Brain Restoration Plus. Created by and exclusive to Springfield Wellness Center in Louisiana, BR+NAD™ Treatment has shown to significantly restore and optimize brain function. Confidia Health Institute offers BR+NAD™ as a custom-made IV protocol with vitamin B3 and combinations of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. This proprietary Confidia program restores brain and body function while minimizing symptoms.

Not All NAD is Created Equal

As certified partners with Springfield Wellness Center, Dr. Greene is the only doctor in the state with access to the original, proprietary BR+NAD™. While many treatment centers in Connecticut offer NAD protocols, only Confidia offers the purest form of NAD for optimal results.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of BR+NAD™.

Options and pricing determined at time of consultation. Ask a Confidia team member if BR+ NAD is right for you.

What’s the Full IV Therapy Process Like?

IV Therapy fits perfectly into our proprietary A3 Process, a three-pillar approach to building True Health. In the first phase – Assessment – scientific testing is performed to determine exactly what your body may need intravenously. The second phase – Action – uses our IV Therapy Lounge and certified professionals to administer the IV infusion. The third phase – Adjustment – includes monitoring and follow-up sessions where any adjustments are made to the IV ingredients, in order to further optimize your therapy.

The Confidia IV Therapy Lounge

The Confidia IV Therapy Lounge is a state-of-the-art center inside the Institute. Each IV infusion that you receive is administered by a certified medical professional – a very different approach than other sites who have nurses giving infusions without on-site doctors or physician assistants.


Confidia IV Therapy Outcomes

Because our process uses the scientific truths of your body to custom-create the infusions, IV Therapy from Confidia Health Institute can deliver significant improvements to your everyday health, such as:

  • Improved immunity
  • Increased energy levels
  • Mood enhancements
  • Less anxiety
  • More mental clarity
  • Reduced migraine headaches

Confidia IV Therapy can also serve as an effective treatment for specialized, and severe, health issues. For example, Confidia offers IV-based Glutathione and Vitamin C as supportive therapy for cancer patients.


How IV Therapy Helped This Confidian With Multiple Schlerosis

Why Confidia Is Different

  • Your IV Therapy is custom-created based on the scientific truths of your body and is administered by certified professionals with a primary care team on-site.
  • IV treatments are provided in the Confidia IV Therapy Lounge – a spacious and comfortable center inside the Institute.
  • Confidia IV Therapy integrates the Assessment, Action, and Adjustment pillars of our proprietary A3 Process to help you on Your Path to True Health.

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